About Quest

Quest Commercial works on a contract basis to help clients acquire New Jersey real estate. Since 1990 we've helped Fortune 1000 clients locate, analyze and negotiate real estate transactions including CBD retail stores to pad sites for fast food restaurants and retail convenience stores.

Quest does not serve residential markets except when our clients objective is land for residential development of 50 units or more, or multi-family residential investment properties. Quest does not "list" real estate.

If your Fortune 1000 organization seeks to acquire one or more commercial properties in New Jersey, including raw land, investment properties, or commercial properties for your own use, Quest can help you analyze your requirements, refine your search criteria, locate acquisition candidates, negotiate with the sellers, and facilitate closing.

Quest works on a retainer against contingency fee basis. We are available for exclusive and non-exclusive engagements as a "Buyer Broker". Our success is tied to your own. We're acquisition specialists, it's all we do.

Brokerage Staff

Charlotte Cohen. Charlotte has over 25 years of successful experience marketing real estate, including residential and commercial, throughout New Jersey. Founder, Owner and President of Quest Commercial, Inc. Charlotte has been active in civic organizations at the local and state level. She’s been a member and officer of various Chambers of Commerce and participated in municipal long-range planning. Broker-of-Record.

Jay Wolfkind. Search manager, strategy development, and analysis. Twenty years experience in commercial real estate throughout New Jersey, including office, warehouse, industrial and land. Developed and supervised market entrance strategy for major retailer, developed and executed novel strategy creating retail "pads" around land leases. Supervised negotiations with major municipality for CBD retail approvals. Licensed Sales Associate.

A Small Woman-Owned Business
Quest Commercial, Inc. is a WBE - M/WBE woman-owned business. Founded in 1999 by Charlotte Cohen, it is a New Jersey corporation, and a certified small business. Located in Central New Jersey, an hour south of New York City in the heart of historic Red Bank.

Quest is available to act as a subcontractor on your projects, or to work directly for you. If your project has a set-aside requirement for M/WBE or WBE, working with Quest will help satisfy that requirement.

However, you should work with
Quest because we are a very responsive, effective, discrete real estate advisor, not because we're an M/WBE certified small business.

Support Staff
Ian Richardson. Research. Ian handles both computer-based and field research, including coordinating the many electronic research tools used by Quest. Ian assembles those "Market Surveys" you all love so much, including the integration of maps, digital photos and MLS® data.


If you had your own in-house real estate department, that knew the New Jersey market intimately, and could discretely and thoroughly locate, evaluate and negotiate real estate acquisitions, you wouldn't need Quest. This is exactly what we do for Fortune 1000 clients.

Quest is a "boutique", a small firm that specializes in a niche market. Our focus is the acquisition of commercial and income-producing real estate, or related equities such as mortgages and tax liens.

When you engage Quest, a "Search Leader" is assigned to your project, and this is your primary contact. We then learn your business and requirement well enough that we can effectively and efficiently scour the market seeking acquisition candidates.

We narrow the field to a small group of "acquisition candidates", and present these in report format with data and photographic descriptions.

We are not environmental experts nor attorneys, but we can provide preliminary information on the environmental and legal aspects of the various acquisition candidates, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.

If you prefer anonymity, we can act as your representative during due diligence and negotiations.

PINZ: Property Database

Quest has access to "PINZ®", the Property Information Zystem. This is a database of every parcel of real estate in New Jersey, showing detailed information about the property, owners, occupants, neighborhood, and location. This proprietary database was developed by a Quest affiliate company for our exclusive internal use locating properties for our clients, and contacting the owners and occupants of the properties.

Quest also uses other realty databases traditionally used in searches, both commercial and residential.

When you can't wait for the market, and want to quickly and discretely locate real estate, Quest will help you reach your goals.

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